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Do not click on that random text. It is a scam

Meanwhile, our parents or adults help and teach us how to prevent in-person scams, now we have to teach them to prevent online scams. 


Even when the highest percentage of scam victims is in the elderly, we are not safe either. So I am sorry to burst your bubble, but that unexpected text from the Postal Service (USPS), Home Depot, or another shop telling you about surveys or free things is NOT from them. It is a SCAM!


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has seen an increase in reports about text messages that pretend to be from well-known names like Costco, Home Depot, etc. Spoiler alert: They are from impostors! The modus operandi can change, but the principal idea is the same: get your personal information and money. They often tell you things like, they are the USPS and need to validate some information, such as debit card details to send you an undelivered package. Or tell you about the chance to win a gift card or a power tool and to claim it they only need you to pay for the shipping and answer some questions on a link. All these through a text message. Please! Do not do it.


If you click on those links and submit your card information, you will not receive anything, but you will find unauthorized charges posted to your account. No matter if they change the scripts on the unexpected text, the advice is the same. Do not do it!  


    • Do not click on links or answer unexpected texts (including ones asking you to fill out surveys to get free items). If you are in doubt about what is legit, contact customer service by phone or website that you know is real. Do not confirm the material with the information that is in the text message.
  • Do not pay to get a package redelivered. If you are not submitted a request and given it a tracking number, the real USPS will not contact you about delivery and much less they will demand payment to redeliver a package.


What happens if you already paid or given your information to a scammer? The first step is to contact your Bank, ask about you what to do with your credit or debit card if you were scammed, and also if it is possible for a refund. 

On the other hand, it is also very important that you contact the FTC to file a report for scams or identity steals so that no one else is victimized.