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How to stop Google collecting advertising data

The sale and collection of user data is one of the things that Google focuses on, and for the same reason it needs to be able to share that data obtained with tools for this purpose. Let’s look at some ways that can be used to verify, disable, and also customize the ad targeting data that Google has with user data.

Step 1 Open Google Ad Settings

The first thing you should do is go to, there you should log in with the username and password you use for your Gmail account and your Android phone.

 From this screen you can find the ad settings on your profile, you can also find the products you are interested in and also the online retailers you use. In this way, the ads adapt to your interests and tastes depending on what you are looking for and what interests you. Also, to keep in mind, in this way it is better for businesses that use ads as a primary source of revenue from their sales.

Step 2 Disable Ad personalisation

You can also customize your options to see or not see ads in Google services. In case you do not want to see any ads, and above all, you do not want Google to collect your information to use it as part of an ad profile, you can change the setting in “Ad personalization is ON” and press the switch button to deactivate it. 

Step 3 Click Turn off

You will be able to see a pop-up window, in which you must click on “Turn off” to deactivate the function.

Step 4 Click Go it

After following step 3, you will see a new popup window, this popup window will say “Ad personalization is OFF”. When you see this message you must select “Got It” to save the setting information. After this, Google will stop saving data about ads and will also stop displaying ads, both in Google services and in partner services.

On the other hand, if you want to enable ad personalization again, all the data that was previously saved will be activated again.

Step 5 Alternatively: Disable third-party ad data sharing

You can go to the box that says “Also use your activity and information from Google services to personalize ads on websites and apps that partner with Google to show ads…” and check it, this box is located in the Advanced tab. This is mainly done in case you don’t mind that Google uses your data, but that this data is not shared with partners or third parties, therefore you should not deactivate the option, just check the corresponding box in the Advanced tab.

Step 6 Click Exclude

Once the previous steps are complete, you must click on Exclude to continue, at the same time you will see a pop-up window which will inform you that Google will not store your data and will not share your ad profile with third parties or partners.

Step 7 Alternatively: Remove unwanted ad interests

In case you only want Google to show you ads for topics or things that you really like and interest, you must go down the screen, there you will find an extensive list where companies, brands, products, demographic details and areas of interest will be, you can see the list in “How your ads are personalized” since Google gathers all the information based on your data. In this way you will be able to see ads for products, brands or things that are of interest to you, although you can also disable the categories that do not interest you.

Step 8 Click on an interest

In the entry of interest you can select what interests you and what does not interest you. For example, you can select MLM & Business Opportunities, since it is a topic that is not of interest to you.

Step 9 Click Turn off

When you select the theme, you will see a pop-up tab, then in order to deactivate the theme so that it does not appear in your ad profile you must click on “Turn off”. Once you do this the popup window will close and you will see a gray bar announcing that the settings have changed in your profile.