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Improve Your Click-Through Rate in Google Ads

Welcome to Syrus, and specifically to our ClickFraud section. Let me guess, if you are here, it is because you are looking for information on how to achieve a good Click-Through or even how to improve it. Well dear friend you have come to the perfect place!

If you want to achieve optimal performance with your Google Ads and get the most out of your or your client’s budget (no one is judging), then you will read on. Because in this post, we are going to show you why you should strive for an above-average click-through rate in Google Ads.

What is the click-through rate in Google Ads?

In general, the Click-through rate, is a ratio of clicks to impressions. Now, to Google Ads, an impression occurs when your ad appears on the SERP, and when the person viewing your ad clicks on it. Ergo, CTR is the percentage of people who see your ad who then click through to your ad’s destination.

When high click-through rate is good?

In Google Ads is good have a high click-through rate because it means that your ad copy is appealing to your audience.

But Google Ads has a deeper benefit. Because, the algorithm rewards higher quality ads with higher positions and lower costs per click. Given that, Google does not make money if no one clicks on its ads, so it gives preference to the ads most likely to succeed.

Here are three core components to measure the quality of Google Ads:

  • The landing page user experience.
  • Your expected CTR.
  • Relevance of the ad and landing page to the keyword.

According to Google, you can score an average, above average, or below average expected CTR for each keyword. And this, considering your past performance with that keyword.

In this way, the higher your CTR, the higher your expected CTR, and the higher your Quality Score. What means a Higher Quality Score leads to higher Ad Rank. And the Ads that rank higher get clicked more at lower costs.

How to improve click-through rate in Google Ads?

Now that we have all the base knowledge, we can talk about how to achieve one.

  • Target the right keywords

For starters, make sure you are targeting the right keywords. You have three types of keywords to focus on for higher click-through rates:

  • Commercial intent keywords: are those people type in when they have intent to purchase. Avoid informational keywords since this will result in lower CTR and/or wasted spend.
  • Branded keywords: use or target partner brands, competitor brands, or other brands your target market may search when they are in buying mode.
  • Local keywords: keywords like “Genova chocolate restaurant” tend to get high CTRs since local searchers often have a high commercial intent.
  • Use negative keywords

Negative keywords are the ones you do not want Google to show your ad for. This way, your ad will not show for people unlikely to click on your ad.

  • Narrow your audience targeting

By narrowing your audience down to more specific criteria, you can more specifically cater your ad copy and improve your click-through rate, even if you are not getting as many clicks overall.

How to improve Google Ads CTR using ad copy?

In most cases, you can significantly increase CTR by simply writing stronger ad copy.

  • Keep it simple and easy to read

Keep your ads simple so they can communicate an effective message immediately. Since you can rest assured that no ads are read in full. To achieve this:

  • Do not complicate your ad with abbreviations that are not intuitive.
  • Include the keyword in the headline and description, but do not repeat it.
  • Use plain language that reads easily.
  • Do not use the full character count if you do not need it.