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In-Demand Tech Skills For Jobs In 2023

The skills will begin to change according to the change that is being reflected in the jobs, since it has been predicted that around 85% of the jobs in 2030 have not yet been invented for those who will finish the university in that year.


Some of the drivers for the skills that will be needed for jobs are related to Artificial Intelligence and automation, also thanks to machines being able to take on more work. Machines will start to have more jobs that require thought and decision making, and they will be driven by AI.


Thinking that machines can do all the work in the future can jeopardize job opportunities for humans, however, there is still a long way to go before machines can achieve certain things that we as humans can do, for example, jobs that require skills such as creating strategies, having creativity or emotional intelligence, we have that that machines do not. The skills that can be successful in the industry are related to intelligent machines and software, where humans still apply the “human touch” where it is needed. 

Let’s see some skills that we can take into account to perform in our jobs in the near future:

Data Communicator or Storyteller

It is estimated that by the year 2025, 70% of jobs will have tasks to perform with data, therefore, skills to interpret, translate and communicate it are the most needed in people for these jobs. Data communicators and storytellers who meet these skills will be essential for many jobs.

Some tools such as PowerBI, Qlik and Tableau are useful for data storytellers to find the most efficient and accurate methods of communicating data, using written communication and the interpretation of data that is important to companies, since these They are important in strategies and being able to interpret them and make their results known is very important.


Since the pandemic began, work from home has increased and today it is still maintained, so cyber security is very important and not only for IT departments, but for all employees of a company. What this means is that jobs related to cyber security will increase greatly in the very near future. Cyber security skills will be among the most in-demand for jobs, plus you can pursue this as a career option or include it in your knowledge and resume for more job opportunities.

People who are specialists and have the skills for cyber security leverage AI to predict and counter hacking and DDOS attacks, these skills contribute to many job openings as cyber criminals are on the prowl all the time.

UX Design

It is intended that at some point all workers have knowledge and skills in technology to some degree, regardless of the role they have in their company. Likewise, User Experience (UX) Design, and the related field of User Interface (UI) Design, are skills that will be very important for jobs in the near future. A UX and UI designer must make technology intuitive and accessible to everyone. This is seen a lot in organizations that have the power to build apps for their customers or their workforce, without the need for software engineers or running long and expensive software development projects.

Digital Marketing

What is done with digital marketing is to capture the attention of customers and that the products and services that your company sells are present in the lives of your customers virtually. You can use influencer-led campaigns, paid social media advertising, augmented reality, among many other digital skill options.

Therefore, you can specialize in some specific skill to boost your company, and in fact, in this year 2023, many marketers have been acquiring digital marketing skills, creative skills that you can use with the help of Artificial Intelligence.


One of the skills that is possibly used the most is the ability to work alongside AI, as AI is part of many jobs, for example, data communicators have AI tools that can suggest the most effective ways to visualize and narration, or even, those who work in cybersecurity use AI to analyze network traffic and detect possible attacks.


Therefore, Artificial Intelligence may be the most valuable skill of all in 2023 and the jobs of the future, as many jobs and tools are used with the help of AI.