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Personalize and Manage your Ads Experience

Here we are in another installment for our clickfraud section. And today we will talk about ads, being consumers/viewers and not those who use or create them.

Announced last May 12, 2022 at Google I/O, it is now starting to roll out the My Ads Center platform as a place to effectively manage advertising preferences within Google apps and services.

In this way, users have a greater degree of control, and will be able to adapt the advertising experience to their needs at any given moment, defining brands and topics of greater or lesser interest, as well as trying to avoid seeing advertising that they may consider sensitive.

On the other hand, My Ad Center will also serve as a way for users to also learn about the signals Google has used to determine the choice of advertisements they see in the company’s apps and services, and even outside of Google.

But… How you can customize your ads experience?

  • Customize ad topics and brands

With this, you can tell Google what kinds of things you want to see more or fewer ads about.

  • Limit ads about sensitive topics

You can tell Google not show you ads about certain sensitive topics, like alcohol or gambling.

  • Turn on or off personalized ads on Google

This one, works to tell Google whether to use your preferences, info, and activity to show you relevant ads.

When you customize your ads, Google learn to know your preferences, and we try to show you ads that suit them.

Customizing your ads and limiting ads about sensitive topics do not affect the ads you see in the same way. Because, when you limit ads about sensitive topics, Google recognizes that the topic might be uncomfortable for you and make our best attempt to not show you ads about those topics. While, if you ask to see fewer ads from a brand or topic, what would happen is you may still see relevant ads from that brand or topic, but should see ads of distinct brands or topics more often.

Personify ad topics and brands

Choose the topics and brands that you would like to get more or fewer ads about. This way, you can have greater control of the kinds of ads you see on Google services, like Search and YouTube. 

When you customize your ad, you are influencing how Google determines what ads to show you. However, this does not mean you will see more or fewer ads overall.

Customizing your ads does not block ad topics or brands. Rather, what it does, still might see an ad about that topic or brand. For example, if you wanted to see fewer ads about jewelry, but use Google Search to look for earrings, you may see ads for earrings.

You can customize your ads in two ways: with My Ad Center and on ads you see on Google services.

  • On Google

To customize your ads when you see an ad on Google:

  1. On the ad, select the 3 dots icon.
  2. Then, select See more or See fewer on the topics or brands you want to see more or fewer ads about.

Keep in mind, this feature is not available if you have turned personalized ads off or are signed out of your Google Account.

  • In My Ad Center

To customize ad topics and brands in My Ad Center follow the next steps:

  1. Go to My Ad Center
  2. Select Customize Ads and then Topics or Brands.
  3. As a last step, choose See more or See fewer on the topics or brands you want to see more or fewer ads about.