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Quickly and easily delete cookies from your devices

What are cookies?

Cookies are data files that have been created by a website and are stored on your computer or your phone or tablet so you can navigate faster. They are data that know about you and your habits and that makes them remember what you have done when you visit a page, they know it’s you, and they know where you are going to click.

In general, cookies are useful to improve the browsing experience, but they can also be used to collect personal information and compromise users’ privacy. Therefore, it is important to check your preferences and privacy when accepting or rejecting cookies in your browser. 

How to delete cookies in Chrome?

Saving browsing data on our PC is important and brings us some advantages, especially when it comes to using Chrome. But you may want to delete cookies for some reason, and we’ll explain how to do that from Google’s browser on mobile and desktop devices. Both allow you to delete cookies, but be aware that this will delete the saved portion of some sites or other websites and you will lose access. In the case of having Google Chrome, we can do it easily from the settings section. 

How to delete it using the computer?

The steps we must follow from the computer are as follows:

  1. Open Google Chrome on your computer
  2. Tap on the three dots in the bar in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose the “Settings” section in the drop-down menu.
  4. Once inside the menu, go to the options bar on the left side.
  5. Here, choose “Privacy and security”.

You will find several settings and options:

  • Clear browsing data
  • Cookies and other website data
  • Security
  • Website settings
  • Although it may seem “strange”, the one we are interested in is not the second one but you must tap on

Delete navigation data

Browsing data will allow us, first, to choose the “time” from which we want to delete some information. You can choose four weeks, always, the last seven days, the last hour, or the last 24 hours. Once you have chosen the time, we can mark what we want and what we do not want to delete. Among them, we can delete cookies. What we can mark is:

  1. Browsing history
  2. Download the history
  3. Cookies and other site data
  4. Cached files and images
  5. Passwords and other login data
  6. Form autofill data
  7. Site settings
  8. Hosted application data

How to delete cookies from my cell phone?

Android devices, whether smartphones or tablets, bring by default as the main browser Google Chrome and, although it is not enabled the ability to delete browsing cookies automatically, you can delete these very easily. We can do it from the settings of the browser itself and in our mobile version:

  1. Open the Google Chrome app on your phone or tablet.
  2. In the top right corner, you will find the three menu items
  3. Tap on these points
  4. A drop-down will open with options
  5. Go to the bottom and choose “Settings”.
  6. Once inside the settings and configuration, choose “Privacy and security”.

We will find, as in the case of the computer version, a series of options:

  1. Clear browsing data
  2. Secure browsing
  3. Access payment methods
  4. Pre-load pages for faster browsing and searches
  5. Use Secure DNS
  6. Do not track
  7. The one we are interested in is the second one. Click on “Clear browsing data”.

It will open another screen in which we have the opportunity to choose the range of time we want to use to delete such data. This can be referred to the last time we logged into Chrome, the most recent 24 hours, the current week, the current month, or forever.