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What is the Google Partners Program?

As an advertising agency, your sole purpose is to create and manage ads that will help your client succeed with their business.

One useful solution that will defintely help you in getting closer to your goal, and your client to their own goal, is Google Partners.


If you’re interested in learning more about it, just give us a couple of minutes of your time, because today we’re covering the Google Partners program!


About Google Partners

Google Partners is a partnership certification program by Google Ads. It is designed for advertising agencies that work with other brands or businesses, and manage a Google Ads account on their behalf.


The program is available in over 60 countries and in 43 languages, and was started in April 2010 as a substitute of the Google Advertising Professionals program.


The benefits of Google Partners

The benefits offered by Google Partners exceed those offered by a simple Ads account. Google Partners can help your advertising agency maximize your ad campaigns through benefits focused on: 


  • Education and Insights, increase your product knowledge and keep up with industry trends
  • Access and Support, get technical support and product resources to help your customers succeed
  • Recognition and Rewards, show off your skills and get rewards for your achievements


Participating in the program means that your agency will get access to sophisticated tools, resources and support to help your clients extend their reach. And if your clients are doing well thanks to you, your own company will distinguish itself in the field!


The 3 tiers of partnership

There are three tiers of participation for the Google Partners program, each one offering a set of benefits and opportunities:

  • Member
  • Partner
  • Premier Partner


How to become a Google Partner

In order to become a Google Partner, you must demonstrate that your agency is recognized for maximizing campaign success for your clients, that it was able to drive client growth by managing clients’ campaigns, and you must also show your certifications derived from your skilful use of Google Ads.


There are in fact 3 requirements you must meet to become a Google Partner:

  • Performance
  • Spend
  • Certifications


The categories, which are checked on a daily basis by Google, delineate the thresholds you should reach to be considered eligible.

Below we’ll describe what these requirements entail:



The Performance requirement will ensure that you can effectively set up and optimally run Google Ads campaigns to help your clients achieve the best results.

Your Google Partners registered Ads manager account must have a minimum optimization score of 70%. This number shows that you’re perfectly able to apply or dismiss recommendations based on your assessment and your clients’ goals.



The Spend requirement says that your Google Partners registered Ads manager account must maintain an ad spend of $10.000 USD across managed accounts for 90 days.



Lastly, the Certification requirement demands that your Google Partners registered Ads manager account has a minimum of 50% of your account strategists certified in Google Ads. And at least one certification in each product area should have a campaign spend of at least $500 USD in 90 days.

What are account strategists, you may ask? They’re employees of your agency who manage Google Ads campaigns on behalf of your clients.


Now then, do you think you’re ready to join the Google Partners program? If the answer is yes, you can become a Partner right here!